Sutton United Football event

news item

On Saturday 15th September, the Children in Care Council held an activity event at Sutton United football ground, in Sutton for children under the age of 10. We had 9 young people attend and have the opportunity to be coached by a professional learning new tricks and skills. The children had around 1 hour and 20 minutes on the pitch, running around and playing. All the children that attended learnt how to dribble the ball, perform kick ups and took part in team playing. The football coach split the children into 2 teams for a match resulting in a draw, making them all winners! At the end of the match, the children helped tidy away the balls, bibs and cones.


After the match, the children washed their hands and took off their boots and we went into the allocated room for pizza and snacks. We asked all the children what part of the event  they enjoyed most and what they wished they could do again; to which they replied they’d do the whole day again! The football coach gave the children a medal, which they loved !


We also talked about the forthcoming fancy dress event Celebrating Success.  We had many suggestions and ideas about what characters the children wanted to dress up as, including Gangsta Granny, Oliver Twist and Frozen! There were lots of questions about the activities at Celebrating Success and there was a great response when I confirmed the chocolate fountain and candy floss cart would be making another appearance!


Watch this space for a Celebrating Success report!